And just like that, summer is winding down, and schools are starting back up for many. While it may be different from the previous school years, it is still a slight return to normalcy. In your return, we hope you all are staying healthy and safe! And as always, feel free to come shop inside our cool, clean, knowledgeably staffed shop or give us a call at (303)-730-3102 for a curbside pick-up or delivery!

We have several new specials throughout the month of August. Be sure to check those out and stay posted as we are working on getting our entire store online and shoppable in the near future. We also have hundreds of other items on sale throughout the store that change every week!

La Marca Prosecco is on sale for just $12.99 the entire month of August! La Marca is delicate and crisp, with a light and refreshing finish that has some sweet notes to it as well. It is greatly enjoyed by itself, with mild cheese dishes or even enjoyed with a splash of orange juice for your brunch mimosa.

All Josh wines are also on sale throughout August! Josh Chardonnay is on sale for $10.99 ($2 off), the Cabernet Sauvignon, Legacy Red Blend, and Rose are on sale for $11.99 ($3 off), and the Pinot Noir is on sale for $12.99 ($3 off)! These are great wines, with a varietal for any occasion!

Sailor Jerry 1.75L Spiced Rum is on sale for $21.99 ($4 off)! This 92 proof Rum was made to imitate that of many historical maritime rums and makes some great cocktails!

Bulleit Bourbon and Rye .750L are both on sale for $23.99 ($4 off)! Bulleit’s bourbon is a high rye. It has a medium to long finish with sweet, oak, and rye notes that blend together excellently. Bulleit Rye is another great one for sipping neat or blending into cocktails. It is a pleasant drink with a sweet vanilla influence and hints of black pepper, milk chocolate, and cherry menthol.

Monopolowa 1.75L Vodka is on sale for $20.99 ($3 off)! Monopolowa goes excellent with the mountain air. It is incredibly smooth and goes well with a twist of lemon and ice or in your favorite mixed drink!

All Oskar Blues 6pks are on sale for $8.99! We currently have Dale’s Pale Ale, Mama’s Little Yella Pils, Old Chub Scottish Ale, and Can-O-Bliss Tropical IPA.

August Specials

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